Authors of books in Russian can be nominated for the Arab Sheikh Zayed Award

02 March


For the first time, the Sheikh Zayed Book Award of the former president of the UAE has invited Russian-speaking writers to compete for the prestigious award. Their works can be nominated this year in two categories, the award's organizing committee told TASS.

"We are pleased to invite Russian writers and scholars to participate in the new season of the Sheikh Zayed Award. For the convenience of potential participants, the award website has already been translated into Russian. Your country has an incredibly rich literary heritage, and we hope to find contemporary Russian authors who will have a significant impact on the global understanding of Arab culture," the organizing committee quotes Dr. Ali bin Tamim, Secretary-General of the award.

In 2021, authors of books in Russian can participate in two nominations - "Arab culture" and "Translation". In addition, a representative of Russia can be nominated in the category "Cultural Personality of the Year." "This award is given to outstanding people and organizations that have contributed to the development of Arab culture, embodying tolerance in their work, contributing to the peaceful coexistence of different peoples," explained the organizing committee.

To be eligible for nomination, individuals should fill out an application form on the prize's official website. Acceptance for the new season will open in May.


About the nomination

The Arab Culture nomination accepts novels, stories and poems about Arab civilization and culture that have been published in the previous five years and have not been nominated for major awards. The Translation category is open to publications published within the previous two years and not nominated for major awards. The translation should be made from Arabic to Russian or from Russian to Arabic. The illustrator of the nominated book may also be awarded along with the author or translator.

In the other categories - "Literature", "Contribution to Nations", "Children's Literature" and others - books written in Arabic are eligible, and the nationality and place of residence of the nominee are irrelevant.

"There are not many writers in Russia who work with Eastern themes. But, however, there are Andrei Volos and Shamil Idiatullin. So the partnership of Russian authors with the Arab award could turn out to be very interesting. Especially since next year Russia will be the guest of honor at the Abu Dhabi Book Fair. Readers and publishers in the UAE will be able to get acquainted with all the diversity of Russian literature," Georgy Urushadze, Director-General of the Big Book Award, told TASS.

The award is an independent initiative under the management of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Abu Dhabi. It is named in honor of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan (1918-2004), President - the founder of the United Arab Emirates. Awarded to outstanding writers, researchers whose literary works and translations enrich contemporary cultural and social life. The total prize money is $1.9 million.



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