CSTO Secretary-General announces stabilization of situation in Kazakhstan

13 January

The situation in Kazakhstan has stabilized due to the coordinated actions of the CSTO peacekeepers, the armed forces and law enforcers of the republic. This was stated by Secretary-General of the CSTO Stanislav Zas at the closing ceremony of the peacekeeping operation in Kazakhstan, which was held in Almaty on Thursday.


"Today, thanks to the collective coordinated actions of CSTO peacekeepers, the armed forces and law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the situation in the country has stabilized. In the course of the operation, we have gained invaluable experience of close cooperation between the peacekeeping contingents of the organization member states in countering terrorism and destructive forces within the state," Zas said in his statement, the text of which was transmitted to TASS by the organization secretariat.


According to the CSTO Secretary-General, the peacekeeping operation has shown that the potential of the CSTO is highly effective and really working.

"The peacekeeping operation in the territory of Kazakhstan became the first real application of the CSTO collective forces where your professionalism and coordinated actions clearly demonstrated that our states are ready in any circumstances shoulder to shoulder in a single combat formation to defend the common security space. You have demonstrated that the defense potential of the CSTO is highly effective and really working," said Zas.


During the CSTO operation more than 2 thousand peacekeepers and 250 units of military equipment were airlifted to Kazakhstan by the planes of the Air Defense Forces of the Russian Federation.

"When assessing the activities of the CSTO Collective Peacekeeping Forces, one cannot but note the clear and well coordinated actions of the military transport aviation of the Russian Military and Space Forces (VKS). More than 2000 peacekeepers and about 250 units of equipment were redeployed to the region of the operation almost non-stop," the CSTO Secretary-General added.
CSTO peacekeepers who have distinguished themselves in Kazakhstan will be rewarded.

"The most distinguished peacekeepers will be awarded by the CSTO Collective Security Council and defense ministries of the member states," he said.


According to Zas, CSTO peacekeepers will be withdrawn to their permanent bases in accordance with the will of the Kazakh party. "During the extraordinary session of the CSTO Collective Security Council held on January 10, 2022, the heads of the CSTO member states noted that the events were a turning point in the development of our organization, which has acquired new qualities as a strong international institution. The CSTO is a really working mechanism for ensuring stability and security of our states," he stressed.

The CSTO Secretary-General also expressed his sincere gratitude to all those who honorably fulfilled their service and human duty, the duty of a peacekeeper. "I wish you success in your feat of arms and a safe return home," Zas added.


In accordance with the decision of the CSTO Collective Security Council, adopted on January 6, 2022, CSTO Collective Peacekeeping Forces were sent to Kazakhstan for a limited period of time to stabilize and normalize the situation. The grouping included units of the armed forces of Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. The main task of the Russian units was to take under protection the main strategic facilities in the vicinity of Almaty. On January 13, 2022, the gradual withdrawal of the peacekeeping contingent from the territory of Kazakhstan began and will last a few days.



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Photo: Vadim Savitsky/TASS

Based on materials from TASS