OIC to send delegation to Afghanistan to verify respect for women's rights

17 March

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will send a delegation to Afghanistan to review the situation of women's rights in education and employment, OIC Secretary-General Hissain Brahim Taha announced on Friday.

"A delegation of Islamic theologians under the auspices of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy will be sent to negotiate and verify the compliance of the religious norms of women in society," TOLOnews quoted him as saying.

Taha said the organization's special representative for Afghanistan had conveyed a message to the interim government created by the Taliban (banned in Russia) on the need to review the decision on women's access to education and the labor market. The secretary-general also reiterated the organization's commitment to assist Afghanistan.

Since coming to power in 2021, the Taliban have closed high schools for girls, suspended classes for girls in higher education, banned women from universities, including female professors, and ordered that women be barred from all national and international nongovernmental organizations. These decisions sparked a wave of criticism from foreign countries and international organizations, including the UN.



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Photo: Creative Commons

Based on materials from TASS