Putin: Russia is ready to continue developing interaction with the Arab League

01 November 2022

Russia is ready to fully develop interaction with the Arab League and all its members, including for strengthening security at the regional and global level, Russian President Vladimir Putin said in his greetings to the heads of state and government of the Arab League member states on the occasion of the opening of the organization's 31st summit.

"Russia is ready to continue developing cooperation with the League and all its members in every possible way, including for the purpose of strengthening security at the regional and global level. We assume that military and political problems in the Middle East and North Africa, including the Syrian and Libyan crises, the Yemeni and Palestinian-Israeli conflicts, should be resolved on a universally recognized international legal basis, with strict respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of states," reads the telegram of the Russian president published on the Kremlin website on Tuesday.

The head of state noted that against the background of the serious political and economic changes taking place in the world, the process of establishing a multipolar system of international relations based on the principles of equality, justice and respect for the legitimate interests of each other is gaining momentum. According to Putin, the Middle Eastern and North African countries, with a combined population of nearly half a billion, are playing an increasingly important role in this process.

"No doubt, the tasks of improving the international situation and counteracting threats and challenges necessitate coordinated collective efforts and greatly increase the relevance of representative multilateral institutions such as the Arab League," the Russian leader added.

He expressed confidence that further development of partnership ties between Russia and Arab countries meets the common interests and is in the course of ensuring peace and stability in the world.

The 31st LAS summit opens on Tuesday at the Abdelatif Rahal International Conference Centre in Algiers. The agenda of the event includes discussion of current problems of the region, in particular the crisis situation in Yemen, Libya, Syria, the Palestinian dossier, as well as the issue of food security, the strengthening of inter-Arab relations and the implementation of projects within the framework of Arab economic integration. This is the first face-to-face meeting of the leaders of the League in more than three years. The last Arab summit was held in early April 2019 in Tunisia, after which there have been no such events due to restrictions caused by the coronavirus pandemic.



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Photo: official website of the President of the Russian Federation

Based on materials from TASS