Ryabkov did not rule out a complete break in relations with the US

17 November 2022

A breakdown in Russia-US foreign policy relations is not ruled out, but it is not in Russia's interests, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Thursday in an interview with RTVI.

"It depends entirely on the choice they make in Washington. I don't rule anything out in advance, but of course this is not our way and not our move. We are pursuing our policy in a consistent, proactive rather than reactive way, including in the American direction, guided solely and exclusively by our national interests. It is in our interests not to break diplomatic relations with the United States," he said when asked about the possibility of a complete break in relations between the two countries.

The deputy foreign minister added that communication and dialogue between the countries are necessary, but if at some point America thinks otherwise, "it will end with a rupture." "The level of Russophobia in the United States is absolutely unprecedented at all levels and branches of government and in the mainstream media. We feel this on a daily basis," Ryabkov said.



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Photo: Federation Council

Based on materials from TASS