Tehran considers enmity with Iran constant part of US policy

21 March 2023

The hostile attitude towards Iran and its people is an integral part of the US administration's foreign policy. Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani said this on Tuesday, commenting on US President Joe Biden's statement on the Nowruz (Iranian New Year's Day) holiday on March 21.

"Enmity with the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Iranian people has been a constant component of the US administration's foreign policy, as evident in the statements of its officials on the occasion of Nowruz," Kanani wrote on Twitter. - "The falsehood-filled statement of support for Iranian women amid continued and intensified brutal sanctions against the Iranian people expresses the hypocrisy and hostility of the American regime and its anti-Iranian leaders."

In a statement on the occasion of Nowruz, Biden pointed out that this holiday "comes at a difficult time for <...> Iranian women fighting for their rights and fundamental freedoms" and that "the United States will continue to stand with them and with all citizens of Iran."



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Photo: mostafa meraji/Pixabay

Based on materials from TASS