Turkish Intelligence Helped Prevent Second Terror Attack in Moscow After "Crocus" Incident

18 June

Turkish intelligence services warned their Russian counterparts and helped prevent a second terror attack in Moscow following the attack on the Crocus City Hall shopping and concert center. This was reported by the pro-government newspaper Hürriyet.


"After the first attack on the concert hall, the terrorist group planned a second attack. They intended to target a crowded shopping center. Turkish intelligence thwarted this major second attack by contacting Moscow," wrote Hande Fırat, a columnist for the newspaper.


According to the publication, the attack was planned by militants of the "Wilayat Khorasan" group, which is associated with the terrorist organization "Islamic State" (both banned in Russia). Hürriyet notes that Turkish intelligence had been tracking the activities of the local cell of "Wilayat Khorasan," which was involved in the attack on the Saint Mary's Catholic Church in Istanbul at the end of January. The intelligence services interrogated several individuals, after which they established contact with the Russian side.


The newspaper also reminds that the two individuals who carried out the attack on Crocus City Hall had recently visited Turkey, information which was also shared with Russian law enforcement agencies.


The terror attack at Crocus City Hall in Moscow's suburbs occurred on March 22. According to the latest data, 144 people were killed and 551 injured. Four direct perpetrators of the attack have been arrested, and five others are believed to be accomplices. The Russian Investigative Committee previously stated that they had proven a connection between the terrorists and Ukrainian nationalists. According to the investigation, the preparatory actions, funding, attack, and retreat of the terrorists were coordinated via the internet by members of the "Wilayat Khorasan" group.



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Photo: Moscow-Live/Creative Commons 2.0

Based on materials from TASS