EU declared the beginning of the "Asian century" in the world

25 May 2020

In the twenty-first century, Asia will play an increasingly significant role in international affairs, High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs  Josep Borrel told at the annual conference of German diplomats on Monday.

"First, we live in a world without leaders, in which Asia will play an increasingly important role in economic terms, in terms of security and technology. Analysts have long been talking about the end of the American system and the coming of the Asian century. This is now happening before our eyes", - Interfax quoted the diplomat as saying.

According to him, "if the twenty-first century turns out to be Asian, as the twentieth was American, the pandemic may be remembered as a turning point in this process."

At the same time, the head of the EU diplomacy believes that "the demand for multilateral cooperation has never been so great, but the supply is lagging behind."

This, he said, is the first serious crisis in recent decades when the United States has not taken the lead in the international response to it.

"They may not be worried about it, but everywhere you look, we see a growing rivalry, especially between the US and China," Borrell added.

In this situation, the EU should follow "its own interests and values" and avoid "being used by one or the other for their own purposes".

Secondly, the head of European diplomacy noted that the world is becoming more digital, but also more manageable by the state.

"The key questions will be: who will control digital networks? And who will set the rules and standards?",  Borrel suggests.

Third, the European model of globalization is under pressure, the EU high representative said.

He believes that a more strategic approach is needed to control its vulnerabilities and dependencies. According to Borrell's forecast, the world also "risks becoming less free, less prosperous, more unequal, more fragmented."


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Photo: Zuma \ TASS