Federation Council suggests when Iran may return to the nuclear deal

03 February


Iran's return to the nuclear deal depends on the US readiness to lift sanctions against Tehran as a priority, according to Vladimir Jabarov, the First Deputy Head of the Council of the Federation's International Committee.


Earlier, the State Department said the US is ready to return to compliance with the nuclear deal with Iran if Tehran does the same.


"If both sides comply with the original terms of the nuclear deal, the agreement will resume, and this will be welcomed by the other parties to it," Jabarov told RIA Novosti. He recalled Iran's condition that all illegally imposed sanctions must be lifted from the country in order to return to the deal. "Whether the Americans will go for it, I don't know," the senator concluded.


The US, under the administration of former President Donald Trump, withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran and reimposed sanctions. Tehran subsequently also announced a gradual reduction of its commitments under the agreement, abandoning restrictions on nuclear research, centrifuges, and uranium enrichment levels.


The White House informed of the new President Joe Biden's intention to discuss negotiation plans with allies with Iran. Tehran has stated that talks with the US are not part of Iran's plans, and any progress in this direction depends on Washington's practical steps, including the lifting of sanctions.


The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action concluded in 2015 by the "six" (the UK, Germany, China, Russia, the US, and France) and Iran, which envisaged lifting sanctions in exchange for limiting Iran's nuclear program, did not last even three years: in May 2018 the US announced a unilateral withdrawal from it and reinstatement of tough sanctions against Tehran.



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Photo: Creative Commons

Based on materials from RIA Novosti