Head of WAM: Russia and Islamic countries are united by longstanding historical ties

15 December 2022

Russia and the countries of the Islamic world are united by longstanding, historical ties. This was stated by Director-General of the WAM News Agency of the Emirates Mohammed Al Rayssi, speaking at the International Conference "Russia - Islamic World: Practical Steps in Media Cooperation" held in Moscow on Thursday.

According to the speaker, the Emirati side is proud of its long historical ties with Russia. 

"There are many things that unite us and enable us to work together. Our task is to disseminate the truth about what is happening in the world and reflect it in our materials," Al Rayssi stressed.

He recalled that it was the UAE that hosted the first session of the international media congress, which was also attended by Russia. In addition, many meetings have been and are being held at different levels, including those organized by the Union of Islamic News Agencies. 

The importance of the current conference, according to Al Rayssi, cannot be overestimated. 

"It strengthens our positions, the exchange of views, the development of the principles of  moderation, which we rely on in our work," he added. 

In today's context, it is necessary to develop a framework for working together toward fraternity and tolerance. Events such as this conference, as the speaker emphasized, help clarify the true problems and eradicate intolerance and hatred.



GSV "Russia - Islamic World"