Joint Russian-Pakistani military exercise Druzhba-2020 was launched in Pakistan

09 November 2020


The fifth joint Russian-Pakistani exercise Druzhba-2020 started in the settlement of Tarbela in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Russian Defense Ministry told reporters on Monday.

"The fifth joint Russian-Pakistani military exercise Druzhba-2020 was launched at the site of the Special Operations Forces Training Base of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the settlement of Tarbela. More than 150 servicemen from the two countries took part in the opening ceremony. The event began with raising state flags and playing the anthems of Pakistan and Russia by the Pakistani Military Band," it was reported.

It is noted that the opening ceremony was attended by head of the combat training department of the Pakistani Army, Major General Nayer Nasser, Russian Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary in Pakistan Danila Ganich,  head of the exercise from the Russian side, Colonel Alexander Borisenko, as well as military attache at the Russian Embassy, Alexander Fedotov.

Nasser reminded the participants of the ceremony that the joint exercise with the participation of Russian troops was held in Pakistan for the third time. "Pakistan and Russia are united in the fight against terrorism. The "Druzhba" exercise gives us an opportunity to strengthen relations between the military personnel of the two countries," Nasser said.

"This is an extremely important thing, not only in terms of experience, but also in terms of social, because people come here, our special forces have arrived, and they see what Pakistan is, who are Pakistani citizens, what is Pakistani psychology. When Pakistani come to Russia they see that Russians are not a country to be afraid of, they are peace-loving. And no one is going to attack anyone," Ganic said.

After the opening ceremony, Pakistani servicemen showed their Russian counterparts their small arms, surveillance and reconnaissance optics, military equipment, mountaineering equipment, engineering fences, and bomb squad protection equipment. The Russian military was particularly interested in video surveillance equipment, divers' equipment and technical means of communication, reconnaissance and electronic warfare.

About the Exercise

The exercise takes place at the Pakistan Special Operations Forces training base in Tarbela, 50 km from Islamabad, and at the National Anti-Terrorism Center in Pabbi. The military of the two countries will share experiences and work together on a wide range of tasks, including the destruction of illegal armed groups, conducting reconnaissance and search operations using aviation and technical intelligence assets. For the first time in the history of the joint exercise, the Russian and Pakistani military will conduct firing under night conditions.

Joint Russian-Pakistani military exercises "Druzhba" are held annually since 2016 in each country in turn, the press service reminded. More than 70 servicemen from the Special Forces Company of the 49th Combined Arms Army, based in Stavropol Krai, are taking part in the maneuvers.


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Photo: Russian Ministry of Defense

Based on materials from TASS