Lavrov noted the significant contribution of Muslims in the development of Russian state

19 June 2019


Muslims, along with representatives of other traditional religions, have made and continue to make a significant contribution to the provision of dynamic, peaceful, secure development of Russia, to the preservation and enhancement of the richest cultural, historical and spiritual heritage. That statement was announced by Sergey Lavrov at the presentation of  new development strategy of the Group of Strategic Vision (GSV) "Russia-Islamic World", which took place at the Russian Foreign Ministry.



He recalled that Russia's ties with the Islamic world "are rooted in the depth of ages" and today continue to develop in various areas.



“We are united by a strong commitment to international law, principles of equality and justice, mutual consideration of interests, as well as respect for the cultural and civilizational identity of peoples, their natural desire to independently choose models of political and socio-economic development”, - minister Lavrov said.



In contemporary circumstances, activities of the GSV "Russia - Islamic World", according to Lavrov, are very important. It will have to solve "responsible tasks to coordinate efforts of civil society, business circles, religious associations, scholars, youth, cultural and art figures - all those who are trying to contribute to building up ties between Russia and the Islamic world."




GSV "Russia - Islamic World"