Middle East Quartet countries agree to hold consultations

31 May

The special representatives of the Quartet of international mediators for the Middle East settlement agreed to hold consultations in the nearest future, the Russian Foreign Ministry said following a teleconference of the special representatives.

Vladimir Safronkov, Russian Special Representative of the Russian Foreign Minister for the Middle East Peace Process, US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Heidi Amr, UN Special Coordinator for the Middle East Thor Wennesland and EU Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process Sven Koopmans participated in the conference.

"It was agreed to hold face-to-face consultations of the quartet's special representatives in the Middle East region in the near future," the statement said. In addition, the urgency of international humanitarian aid for the reconstruction of infrastructure facilities in the Gaza Strip destroyed by military actions was confirmed, the Foreign Ministry added.

"During the concerned exchange of views, the vigorous steps of the Egyptian leadership and other regional partners aimed at ending the Palestinian-Israeli armed confrontation were highly assessed. At the same time, the need to step up collective mediation efforts in order to establish a constructive dialogue between Palestinians and Israelis on the basis of the "two-state" formula approved by UN decisions - Palestine and Israel, coexisting in peace and security, was emphasized," the statement said.



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Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry

Based on materials from RIA Novosti