Putin: the situation in Afghanistan requires additional security measures on Russia's southern borders

18 November

The situation in Afghanistan dictates the need for additional measures to ensure Russia's security on its southern borders, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday at an expanded meeting of the Foreign Ministry board.

" There are serious challenges on the Afghan frontier. Especially after the withdrawal of the Americans from that country," he said. Putin stressed that while continuing contacts with the Taliban (banned in Russia), the formats of Moscow consultations and consultations of the expanded "troika" with participation of key external players and Afghanistan's neighbors should be more actively used in order to help establish civil peace and public order in the country, neutralize terrorist structures and drug criminality.

"What is going on in Afghanistan calls for additional measures to ensure the security of Russia on its southern borders and to provide assistance to our allies in Central Asia, who see Russia as a guarantor of stability in the region. In this vein, we must continue to act, taking measures to prevent uncontrolled flows of refugees and terrorists and other criminal elements from crossing our border," Putin added.

According to him, Russia will continue to act as an impartial mediator in resolving conflicts in the Middle East.

"Russia has always acted and will continue to act as an impartial mediator in settling conflicts and crises in the Middle East, and will fully contribute to stabilizing the situation in this region," he said.

Putin pointed out that with Russia's direct participation, it was possible to defeat international terrorism in Syria, preventing the collapse of that state. "Then, within the framework of the Astana format, together with Turkey and Iran, launch the process of inter-Syrian settlement under the aegis of the UN," the head of state stressed.

The president noted that Russian diplomacy should continue to promote the normalization of relations between Syria and the Arab countries, its early return to the Arab League, as well as attracting international aid to improve the humanitarian situation in the country.

In addition, Putin pointed out that promoting a Palestinian-Israeli settlement is "of fundamental importance for the improvement of the situation in the Middle East".



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Photo: official website of the President of the Russian Federation

Based on materials from TASS