Russian diplomat: it is becoming increasingly difficult for the West to promote anti-Russian initiatives on Ukraine at the UN

10 March

More and more countries at the UN are questioning how the West is supplying weapons to Kiev while at the same time claiming a commitment to peace in Ukraine, making it harder for Western delegations to push anti-Russian initiatives. Russian First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dmitriy Polyanskiy said this on Thursday in an interview with the The Dive YouTube channel.

"Over time, more and more countries started asking questions about why this [escalation] happened, why Russia started a special military operation. On the one hand, they started listening to our arguments," the diplomat noted. — "On the other hand, they saw that the Western states were part of this conflict. Very quickly it became obvious that it was not Russia and Ukraine fighting in Ukraine now, but that NATO was waging a proxy war against Russia at the hands of Ukrainians to the last Ukrainian, with Ukrainian blood."

"Everyone at the UN now sees this [Western arms deliveries to Kiev] and asks, 'You're supplying weapons to Ukraine. We don't know how many people died. <...> How can you do this and claim that you are interested in peace?'" — Polyanskiy pointed out. — "More and more countries are asking these questions, more actively behind the scenes, because Western states have considerable power to put pressure on those who try to pursue independent policies."

"Nevertheless, it has become increasingly difficult for the Western bloc to carry out decisions of the same scale, of the urgency that it did immediately after the start of the special military operation," the Russian first deputy permanent envoy to the UN noted.



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Photo: AP/TASS

Based on materials from TASS