Russian Federation at UN urged to thwart terrorist activity in Mali amid political instability

14 January


The world community must prevent terrorists from stepping up their activities in Mali during the transition period in preparation for the presidential and parliamentary elections in the country, Anna Evstigneeva, the Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN, said at the Security Council meeting on the situation in the country.

"We can't let the terrorists, who, judging by the increasing frequency of attacks, are feeling more and more confident, take advantage of the current difficulties," she said. - "Civilians, UN peacekeepers and soldiers from other countries assisting Mali in the fight against terrorism are their victims."



Mahamat Saleh Annadif, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General and head of the organization's mission in Mali, said in his report to the Security Council that "the transition period represents a real opportunity for Mali to break the cycle of political crises and coups d'état." "Almost four months have passed out of the planned 18 months to complete the transition period," he informed. - "But it is never too late to reach a minimum consensus on the foundations of peace and stability on which Mali's future depends."

Evstigneeva also expressed the view that "the transitional authorities are taking the right steps to restore constitutional order." "We expect that the new authorities will do their best to meet the deadline set for the transition period - 18 months - after which general parliamentary and presidential elections should be held," she added.

Former Defense Minister and retired colonel Bah Ndaw was appointed interim president of Mali on September 21 by an electoral college set up by the military that seized power in the country. A road map for the transition, which will take 18 months, was adopted on September 12, following consultations between the military and Mali's leading social forces. During that time, the entire structure of Mali's government must be fundamentally reformed. The task of the interim head of state is to ensure the implementation of this reform, which must culminate in general presidential and parliamentary elections. In this case, Bah Ndaw has no right to stand as a candidate for the forthcoming elections of the head of state.

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Based on materials from TASS