Russian Foreign Ministry expects that Sudanese agreements will stabilize the situation in the country

23 November

Russia expects that the implementation of the agreements reached by Sudanese leaders will help stabilize the situation in the country and considers them an important step in overcoming the internal crisis. This was stated in a commentary by Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova distributed on Monday.

"The agreements reached by Sudanese leaders were an important step toward resolving the acute internal crisis in the country. We expect that their implementation will help stabilize the situation in Sudan and create favorable conditions for the further advancement of Sudanese society within the framework of the transition period," the comment said.

Zakharova recalled that the parties' agreement concluded on Sunday declares the 2019 constitutional document to be the main source defining the tasks of the transition period.

"Emphasis is placed on the non-alternative preservation of the civil-military tandem for their implementation. A technocratic government must be formed in the near future, detainees and arrestees must be released," said the Foreign Ministry spokeswoman.

"We firmly believe that the friendly Sudanese people are capable of solving their internal problems on their own. We consider unacceptable any attempt of external interference in the sovereign affairs of Sudan," she summarized.

On the events in Sudan

On the night of October 25, at the height of the crisis in Sudan, in a dialogue between the military and civilian forces, accompanied by active protests, the military completely removed civilian representatives from power, arresting a group of ministers led by Hamduk, officials and a number of political figures.

In a subsequent address to the nation, Army General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan announced the dissolution of the governing Sovereign Council and government under his leadership, the declaration of a state of emergency and the suspension of several articles of the constitutional declaration, which was intended to be the legislative basis for the three-year transitional period. He promised the Sudanese a general election in July 2023 and a new independent government of technocrats.

On 11 November, al-Burhan decreed the formation of a renewed Sovereign Council of the country, the composition of which was determined through negotiations between military and civilian representatives. On 21 November, a new political agreement was reached between the Sudanese military and civilian forces.



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