Russian Foreign Ministry presented the concept of collective security in the Persian Gulf

24 July 2019


The Foreign Ministry presented the Russian concept of collective security in the Persian Gulf.


The comment to the concept emphasizes that "the military and political upheavals of recent years in the Middle East and North Africa, the rapid growth of the terrorist threat in this area, which has  huge reserves of hydrocarbon resources, are fraught with harmful consequences for the international relations system, as well as for the world economic and, above all, energy security."


The concept is a long-term program of action to normalize the situation, strengthen stability and security, resolve conflicts, determine the basic guidelines and parameters for the future post-crisis system, as well as ways to implement related tasks.


Its basic principles:


- Consolidation of all forces interested in eliminating the extremist terrorist hotbed in the Middle East in the united anti-terrorist coalition, ensuring a sustainable political settlement in Syria, Yemen and other countries of the region. Anti-terrorist actions must be built on a solid foundation of international law under the auspices of the UN Security Council.


- Mobilization of public opinion of Muslim and other countries for jointly countering the terrorist threat, including comprehensive efforts in the information field.


- All parties must be committed to international law.

- Peacekeeping operations are possible only on the basis of relevant UN Security Council resolutions or at the request of the legitimate authorities of the state.


- The security system in the Persian Gulf should be based on respect for the interests of all regional and other parties involved in all areas of security, including military, economy and energy.


- Multilateralism is seen as a mechanism for stakeholder participation in the process of joint assessment, decision-making and implementation. It is unacceptable to exclude someone for one reason or another.


- Taking into account the close relationship of regional problems, the creation of a security system in the Persian Gulf is considered as part of the solution of security problems in the Middle East in general. At the same time, the key principles are respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, solving domestic political problems without external interference, within the constitutional framework, through national dialogue.


Practical work on launching the process of creating a security system in the Persian Gulf, as reported on the website of the Russian Foreign Ministry, can be started through consultations on a bilateral and multilateral basis between interested parties, including regional and non-regional States, the UN Security Council, LAS, OIC, GCC.



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Photo: Public Domain