Sergey Lavrov's address to the participants of the V international forum "Primakov Readings"

11 June 2019

On Tuesday, on June 11, in Moscow, participants of the V international forum "Primakov Readings" were addressed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.


In the performance, he noted the value of the rich intellectual heritage, which was left by the outstanding state political figure and the scientist Evgeny M. Primakov.


- The present "Primakov readings" take place in a year of the 90 anniversary of Evgeny Maksimovich. On this occasion, the complex of commemorative events, which were approved by the President of the Russian Federation is implemented. Of course, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs vigorously participates in this work either in Russia, or abroad. Thematic collections, memoirs of foreign colleagues and friends are published, round tables are carried out. On our initiative, which was supported by the President and the Government of Moscow the sculptor Frangulyan created a monument to Evgeny Primakov, which is prepared for installation opposite to our ministry. All of us remember, the foreign policy principles, which are put forward by Evgeny Primakov such as independence, multi-vector nature, openness, predictability. All these principles underwent testing time and are approved by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the next edition of the concept of foreign policy of the Russian Federation, - Sergey Lavrov noted, speaking at “Primakovsky readings”.


The Group of Strategic Vision "Russia - Islamic world" was created in 2006 under the leadership of Evgeny M. Primakov and Mintimer Sh. Shaimiev. In activity of the Group of Strategic Vision Evgeny Primakov saw the major platform on creation and strengthening of dialogue between the Russian Federation and the countries of the Muslim world.


Press service of the Group of Strategic Vision "Russia-Islamic World"