Slutsky commented on Blinken's words about the threat of restoring the USSR

10 January

The United States is resorting to Cold War rhetoric to establish its hegemony, trying to intimidate the world by threatening to restore the Soviet Union, but fewer and fewer people believe the myths they have created. This view was expressed by Leonid Slutsky, Chairman of the Duma International Affairs Committee, in his Telegram feed on Monday, commenting on US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's recent remarks.

Previously, in an interview with CNN, Blinken claimed that Russia wants to restore the order of things that existed under the Soviet Union in geopolitical terms. In addition, the US is expecting explanations from Kazakhstan in connection with the application of the authorities of the republic to the CSTO for the deployment of a contingent to restore stability in the country.

"US Secretary of State Antony Blinken's statements are worthy of a separate nomination "World Gendarme". Once again, Washington sees ghosts of the USSR, and now the State Department is demanding from Kazakhstan to report on the need to involve the CSTO collective forces to normalize the situation in the country against the background of the terrorist threat," stated the deputy.

According to him, "scaremongering about 'resovietization' will not help to take revenge in attempts to build a unipolar world." "In today's reality, fewer and fewer people believe in the myth of "American exceptionalism," and such statements are increasingly reminiscent of Cold War rhetoric and bloc confrontation. And they sound especially symbolic against the background of the beginning of the negotiations in Geneva," pointed out Slutsky.

Commenting on Blinken's words about the need for a peaceful resolution to the pogroms in Kazakhstan, Slutsky recalled the suppression of the riots a year ago in Washington, whose participants were recognized by the US authorities as extremists. "So why couldn't we leave in peace and not interfere in Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria? The answer is double standards and the continuation of the struggle to establish their own hegemony," Slutsky concluded.



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Photo: Federation Council

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