UAE Ambassador to Russia: Abu Dhabi considers Sputnik V to be a very effective vaccine

08 June

The Russian Sputnik V vaccine has proven to be highly effective and safe as a result of studies conducted in the UAE. This was reported to TASS by Mohammed Ahmed al-Jaber, the UAE Ambassador to the Russian Federation.

"In the last phase of trials and clinical studies, the effectiveness of the Sputnik V vaccine was 91.4%, while its effectiveness against critical cases of the virus is 100%," he said.

The decision to register Sputnik V in the UAE, the Ambassador noted, was made after studies showed that the vaccine caused an effective response by generating antibodies to the virus and that it was safe to use and in full compliance with regulations and laws.

He said the UAE also contributed to the third phase of clinical trials of the Russian vaccine, which involved more than 1,000 volunteers who received the first dose under the supervision of the Ministry of Health and Public Protection and the health department in Abu Dhabi. "Russia and the UAE have stressed the importance of joint efforts to combat the spread of coronavirus since the early days of the epidemic, including the registration of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V in the UAE, which underwent clinical trials in the country with over a thousand volunteers," the diplomat stressed.

The Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V was registered in the UAE on January 21.



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Based on materials from TASS