Alleged terrorist was detained in Stavropol for planning an explosion at a police station

05 April


Russia's FSB prevented a terrorist attack in the Stavropol Krai by detaining a supporter of international terrorist organizations who was preparing an attack on law enforcement officers using homemade bombs. The FSB's Public Relations Center (PRC) told TASS on Monday that it also three of his accomplices were detained who were members of a cell of the international terrorist organization Islamic State, which is banned in Russia.

"The Federal Security Service, together with the Investigative Committee and the Interior Ministry, prevented a terrorist act in Stavropol Krai. A Russian citizen born in 1996, who had been previously convicted of common crimes, was detained in Kislovodsk and was preparing to carry out an attack on law enforcement officers using improvised explosive devices in the interests of international terrorist organizations," stressed the PRC.

The detainee was planning to arrange an explosion at the police department on April 5, where he marked after his release from prison. This was reported by an acquaintance of the detainee during the interrogation, a video of which was distributed by the PRC.

"I was aware of it. He was preparing an act of terrorism, while buying equipment to make explosive devices. On April 5, he was going to commit an act of terrorism at the police department, where he is marked," the girl said. The witness specified that the man wanted to blow up the police station and made homemade grenades for this purpose.

In Kislovodsk also detained three accomplices of the perpetrator, Russian citizens, who are involved in the organization of a channel for the financing of the fighters of terrorist structures in the Syrian Arab Republic. "They formed a cell of supporters of the international terrorist organization banned in Russia, the Islamic State, to commit crimes of a terrorist nature in the territory of the Stavropol Krai," said the FSB.

During the search of the alleged terrorist, the components for the manufacture of an improvised explosive device, explosives, defeat devices and extremist literature were seized from him. Instructions for the manufacture of explosives and explosive devices were also found in his communication equipment.

The question of initiating a criminal case is now being considered. The FSB does not disclose the identity of the detainees in the interests of the investigation.



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Photo: Creative Commons

Based on materials from TASS