Putin: serial production of Aurus will strengthen the presence of cars from Russia on the world market

31 May


President Vladimir Putin is sure that the serial production of Aurus cars will strengthen the presence of Russian cars on the international market.

"I expect that the serial production of Aurus cars will strengthen the presence of Russian cars on the international market as well, giving an opportunity to increase exports of high-tech products," the head of state said, speaking by video link on Monday at the launch of the Aurus plant in Tatarstan.

The Russian leader stressed that about 70 percent of the suppliers of components for the Aurus car are domestic companies. "This is a good chance for them to master new technologies and get additional orders," the president is sure.

Putin noted that the opening of the production site in Tatarstan will be another incentive for the development of the region. "Tatarstan is a leader in many respects, but by creating new jobs and increasing tax revenues, which are essential for social issues, Tatarstan will make another step forward," said the President.



Localization level

The localization level in the production of Aurus cars should grow from the current 53% to 80% by 2022, Putin said. "By 2022 the localization level should reach 80%. If we take the entire group of companies that work for these results, today it is 53%," he said.
The head of state drew attention to the fact that "from 53% to 80%, in general, quite a long distance." "And I ask you to pay the necessary attention to this," he appealed to the participants of the ceremony.

Putin specifically pointed out to the Ministry of Industry and Trade on the participation in the project a large number of Russian co-producers - about 100 companies. According to him, the department should work separately with these organizations so that each of them could increase the level of localization of its part.



Speaking about the characteristics of the car, Putin noted that a new domestic engine and gearbox were created for Aurus. "And the production of aluminum casting has been mastered. The production of automobile leather has been set up," he noted, adding that about 70% of the suppliers of components for the car are Russian enterprises.

"I hope that in June, as planned, the first shipment of the car will already be carried out," the president said. "But on the whole, a very good result has been achieved in record time. Once again I want to thank and congratulate everyone on this result," he concluded.
He thanked everyone who worked on the creation of the new production, as well as on the development of the Aurus car in general, congratulated the staff of the company with the start of work and wished further success.



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Photo: official website of the President of the Russian Federation

Based on materials from TASS