The first International Forum "Theological heritage of Muslims of Russia"

04 October 2019

The Bulgarian Islamic Academy will host the I International Forum "Theological heritage of Muslims of Russia"  October 13-19.


The Bulgarian Islamic Academy together with the Kazan Federal University will hold the scientific-practical event with the support of the leadership of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation, the Central spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia, Spiritual administration of Muslims of Russian Federation and the Spiritual administration of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan.


The main objective of the Forum is to consolidate the efforts of the scientific and expert community, public and religious figures in discussing and solving topical problems of preserving, studying and developing traditional Islamic spiritual values of Muslims of Russia, as well as the development of domestic Islamic theology and Islamic education, strengthening cultural, civilizational and interreligious dialogue within the context of modern Russia and world globalization.



The following scientific events will be held during the Forum:

October 13-15 International scientific and practical conference "International Bulgarian Readings “Traditions and updating in the theological heritage”"

October 14-16 All-Russian scientific and practical conference “Islam and society: regional aspect”

October 15-17 Interregional scientific and practical conference "III Marjani Readings " Quest for theological solutions in the era of globalization”

October 17-19 International student scientific and practical conference “Forming of the Muslim youth civic position in Russia and abroad”

The opening ceremony will be held on October 14 at 10:00 at 1A Kul Gali str., Bolgar, Republic of Tatarstan, Russian Federation.
Contact details for accreditation: Farida Ishmuratova


Photo: Maxim Tumanov/TASS