Kosachev: the participants of the Russia-NATO Council session had gone their separate ways

13 January


The session of the Russia-NATO Council was held in the traditional genre of two monologues, and not a dialogue. This opinion was expressed on Wednesday by Federation Council Vice-Speaker Konstantin Kosachev.

"I would be glad to be wrong, but the impression is that today's talks with the NATOs, unlike the talks with the Americans the day before yesterday, took place in the traditional genre of two monologues. The good news is that this time the NATOers listened to our monologue, and not only we listened to the NATO monologue (which is what it all boiled down to in the last very unfortunate years for Europe). The less good thing is that, by all appearances, the sides have made their stand," the senator wrote on his Facebook page.


In his opinion, "the NATO caravan is still moving at the speed of the most sedentary camels in the alliance: the harsher the Russophobia among the recruits, the less ability to move." "The Baltics, Poles, and Brits continue to limp along the march. The bad news is that the consultations in Brussels certainly did not increase security in Europe. Kosachev said, "I hope it did not get any worse".

The deputy speaker of the Federation Council expressed the hope that this is due to the fact that after the last Russian-American consultations Washington "is still thinking and has not yet said its last word." "Which has determined the nature of today's meeting of the Russia-NATO Council in the "neither fish nor meat" genre. If this is the case, then tomorrow's session in the OSCE format threatens to be a repetition of today's experience: too little time for reflection and resetting the system," he suggested.

However, the parliamentarian believes that in any case, it is not a pointless experience. "A drop sharpens a stone. What remains to be done is to deprive the process of hopelessness. Our country is making all possible and impossible efforts to achieve this," concluded Kosachev.

Russian-US consultations devoted to the issues of security guarantees were held in Geneva on January 10. Assessing the results of the consultations, the Federation Council vice-speaker said that for the first time in the last 30 years Russia acted as an equal with Americans in the negotiations on security guarantees and declared that it was a dialogue, not two monologues. The Russia-NATO Council meeting in Brussels was the second stage of consultations between Russia and Western states on Russian proposals on European security; the third stage within the framework of the OSCE will be held in Vienna on January 13.



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Photo: Federation Council

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