IX International Forum "Islam in a Multicultural World" to be attended by experts from around the world

30 July 2019


Applications for participation in the IX International Forum "Islam in a Multicultural World", which will be held in Kazan (Volga region) Federal University from September 20 to October 10 (exact dates will be announced later), are being accepted.




The forum is organized by the Kazan (Volga region) Federal University, the Institute of Oriental studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Center for Islamic studies of the Academy of Sciences of Tatarstan, as well as a number of Islamic centralized religious and educational organizations.




The main topics of discussion this year are: international aspects of the development of domestic and foreign Islam in the context of modern international relations and global political processes in the Muslim world and the Middle East; countering the spread of the extremist ideology  among the youth; the use of modern scientific approaches in monitoring the Muslim community in Russia; the development of traditions of Russian Islamic theology; traditions of Muslim civilization and the Muslim Turkic world in particular, etc.




The Forum will include a Plenary session, international and all-Russian scientific and practical conferences, as well as round-table meetings with participation of foreign and regional scientists, Islamic scholars, representatives of government, public and religious figures and representatives of scientific and educational organizations.




Applications for participation in the Forum and abstracts (450-500 words) with the title of the report's topic, full name, place of work, scientific degree and position are to be sent to: islamforum.kpfu@gmail.com.



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Photo: Kazan Federal University