Ambassadors of France, China and dozens of other countries arrived at Russian MFA to meet with Lavrov

19 September 2022

The TASS correspondent reports that heads of diplomatic missions of several countries, including French Ambassador Pierre Levy and Chinese Ambassador Zhang Hanhui, arrived at a closed meeting of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov with the heads of foreign diplomatic missions devoted to the 77th session of the UN General Assembly.

In addition to heads of French and Chinese diplomatic missions, the building of the Russian diplomatic mission on Smolenskaya Square was visited by ambassadors and representatives of diplomatic missions of Finland, the Netherlands, Iran, Austria, Kazakhstan, Nicaragua, Indonesia, Norway, Greece, Venezuela, North Korea, Gabon, and also heads and representatives of embassies of dozens of other countries and WHO representative in Russia Melita Vuinovich. However, there were no representatives of the US and British embassies.

Earlier, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova reported that Lavrov would hold the closed meeting with the heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Moscow on September 19. As Zakharova noted, the meeting will be dedicated to the 77th session of the UN General Assembly and is aimed at informing about the Russian Federation's approaches to the countries whose ambassadors are represented in Moscow. The event is planned to present Russia's priorities at the current session of the General Assembly and the main directions of the Russian delegation's work at the events of the United Nations for the coming year, as well as to pay attention to the current international agenda.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed Lavrov as the head of the Russian delegation to the 77th session of the UN General Assembly, which will take place from September 20 to 26. Presidents, prime ministers and ministers traditionally take part in this event, which opens the new yearly session of the General Assembly. As Zakharova previously reported, Lavrov will address the UNGA and plans to hold about 20 bilateral meetings.



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Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry

Based on materials from TASS