Farit Mukhametshin about the Group of Strategic Vision "Russia-Islamic World": "New conditions require new mechanisms of work"

26 April 2019

- Farit Mubarakshevich, what is your opinion, how similar KazanSummit events do contribute to strengthening Russian relations with the Islamic world?


- Today, I think, a very bright event, since there was an appeal from President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and there was an appeal from Valentina Ivanovna Matvienko. Then he has addressed with good words and wishes for success to the event of Sergey Lavrov, Minister for Foreign Affairs. It is worth a lot, because the country's leadership celebrated this event, which is traditional, but this year it seemed to me more successful than in previous years, both in terms of membership and content. Very interesting questions were considered today and very important thoughts were expressed in terms of the intensification of this work. It is in the first place.


Secondly, Kazan becomes the centre for communication of many Delegations of the Islamic world, not only of Tatarstan, but also Representatives of Federal Authorities: Executive, Legislative. I have seen many Deputies who have arrived, this will also contribute to the revitalization of this area of ​​activity. And it seems to me that many Speakers today, at least in the plenary meeting, spoke in favor of intensifying this work, in expanding contacts, in signing specific investment projects.


I have talked on the sidelines with the Authorities who have participated in today's event, there are a lot of people in a good mood, in terms of the prospects for possible cooperation not only of Tatarstan, but also the regions of the Russian Federation. For example, I represent the Samara region. In the morning, when we have visited the exhibition, there are Halal products from the Samara region, and as far as I understand, an International Conference on halal products is planned this year in Samara. That is, this direction is gradually gaining momentum. Therefore, I believe that such an event contributes primarily to the establishment of direct contacts, both between business people, between business structures, and between official bodies.


- You, as the Deputy Chairman of the GSV «Russia-Islamic World», could you please highlight any areas that are currently being conducted in the Group, perhaps some kind of contacts with public organizations abroad, perhaps within Russia, with whom we work most the means of whom we are entering the Representatives of Islamic countries, and with whom are we trying to establish relations with this?


- New conditions require new forms, new mechanisms of work. Therefore, the Group as a public organization, as a mechanism of public diplomacy, of course, will look for a new form.

And one of such events, where it will be clearly stated, is the planned presentation of the updated staff and the updated concept of the Group in Moscow within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We will gather all interested people, Ambassadors of Foreign Countries, especially the Islamic world, and in this regard, I believe, new tasks will be set for our group.


And what can I say today? The fact that this year is being updated as the Russian part, and the foreign part of the Group, this shows that we are gradually coming to the definition of new tasks. Look: as part of the Russian part, the number of Heads of regions where Muslims live is added. This is Karachay-Cherkessia, Dagestan, Bashkiria. Previously, there were no, there were representatives of spiritual administrations, and then not from all regions of Russia.


And the strengthening of interregional contacts, the unification of efforts is just at the height of the day, because not only Tatarstan, but also other regions are joining in expanding their contacts, business contacts, humanitarian contacts. Secondly, is the necessity to use the established contacts of the Muslim religious Departments and, of course, the Department for External Church Relations of the Russian Orthodox Church. They have been working in this direction for a long time and now it is necessary to unite our efforts.


Group of Strategic Vision "Russia-Islamic World"