Director-General of the Union of OIC News Agencies: "We strive to spread the humanistic principles of Islam"

15 December 2022

Director-General of the Union of OIC News Agencies Mohammed Al-Yami addressed the International Conference "Russia - Islamic World: Practical Steps in Media Cooperation", which is taking place in Moscow on Thursday.

The speaker talked about the main principles of the Union's work. 

"Since its formation, the Union of OIC News Agencies has been working on the principles of moderation, opposing manifestations of Islamophobia. We try to act as intermediaries in interaction with the world's major agencies and strive for openness, objectivity, and promotion of the just and humanistic principles of Islam," he noted, in particular. 

The conference, according to Al-Yami, is an important step in the development of relations between Russia and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. 

"Our Union strives for the media to serve the cause of spreading objective information in different languages," he concluded.



GSV "Russia - Islamic World"