Expanded Troika on Afghanistan urged to fight terrorist organizations

31 March 2022


Participants at the third ministerial conference of Afghanistan's neighboring countries call on the Taliban (banned in Russia) formed government to distance itself from the Islamic State (banned in Russia) and other terrorist organizations operating in the country. This was stated in a statement released Thursday by Wang Yi, Foreign Minister and member of China's State Council.

"General concern was expressed about the power of terrorist organizations operating within Afghanistan's borders. We call on Afghanistan to really disassociate itself from IS, the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (banned in Russia - TASS) and other terrorist organizations, to fight them resolutely until the complete purification [of the country]," he was quoted as saying by the Chinese MFA.


Russia, the United States, China and Pakistan should help Afghanistan with economic reconstruction and the destruction of terrorist organizations operating there, Wang Yi said.

"Under the new circumstances, the four countries should adjust the direction of work, support Afghanistan's efforts to rebuild and improve the well-being of the population, promote a positive response by the Afghan side to the expectations of the international community, especially in terms of meeting its obligations, as well as on the final separation from terrorist forces, fighting them and eliminating them," his words are quoted in a Chinese foreign ministry statement.

"We oppose attempts by other states to artificially create chaos in Afghanistan, as well as to use it in geopolitical struggle," Wang Yi said.



GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Photo: Russian Foreign Ministry

Based on materials from TASS