Kyrgyzstan becomes the most popular destination for Russians in the summer of 2022

01 August

Kyrgyzstan has become the most popular foreign destination for Russians in summer period in 2022, according to the "" analytical service for travel.

According to the research, 17.9% of passengers chose to travel to Kyrgyzstan. The average one-way ticket costs about 10.5 thousand rubles, compared to 2021, the cost of the ticket to Kyrgyzstan increased by 21%. Tajikistan is in second place. Share of passengers, who bought tickets for this direction, was about 17.7%. The average cost of the ticket is 10.1 thousand rubles, which is 49% lower than last year.

"" noted that countries of "near abroad" are in the highest demand in 2022. "The highest demand among foreign destinations is in neighboring countries: Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Belarus," the company stressed.

Also, despite the difficulties with air travel, Georgia, Israel and Turkey are among the ten popular destinations. Ticket prices to Georgia in 2022 rose by 43% compared to last year and amounted to almost 27 thousand rubles. The average price of Israel rose by 181% and reached 42.9 thousand rubles. The cost of a ticket to Turkey in 2022 increased by 139% and reached 30 thousand rubles.

"According to the analytical center of the travel service "", 88% of flights this summer are taken in Russia, and abroad - 12%," concluded the company.

According to the study, the price of airfare is increasing in all popular destinations, except Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Belarus.



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Based on materials from TASS