Lavrov and Foreign Ministers of China, Brazil and Turkey discussed switching to national currencies

02 March


Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said he discussed with the foreign ministers of China, Brazil and Turkey the transition to settlements in national currencies and new logistics chains.

"The transition to new supply chains that will be protected from the arbitrariness of the West, from sanctions and other illegal actions, the transition to settlements in national currencies due to the gross abuses that the Americans as dollar issuers, and the European Union as euro issuer make, and the Japanese, by the way, also abuse their yen actively. All this has been discussed in my contacts with my Chinese counterpart, with the ministers of Brazil, Turkey," Lavrov said Thursday at a press conference following a meeting of the G20 Council of Foreign Ministers (CFM) in New Delhi. "Of course, this is the most important component of our bilateral interaction, which needs to be protected from what the West is doing in the global economy," the minister pointed out.

The unreliability of the dollar is now clear to everyone, and many are talking about it publicly, Lavrov stressed. "But even those who do not talk about it publicly, they begin to think about how to protect themselves from similar arbitrary actions in the long term," the Russian foreign minister added.



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Photo: Creative Commons

Based on materials from TASS