Media: Taliban planning to hold forum in Kabul with religious-ethnic groups

11 May 2022

The ruling Taliban (banned in the Russian Federation) in Afghanistan are preparing for a representative conference that will bring together prominent Afghan religious and political figures, as well as delegates from ethnic tribal groups, the Ariana News TV channel reported on Tuesday. According to its information, the date of the forum, which will focus on the prospects for political and economic development, has not yet been disclosed.

Sayed Ishaq Gailani, chairman of the Afghan National Solidarity Movement, told the television channel that a conference in Kabul involving ethnic and religious movements could be the first step toward an inclusive government. "Afghanistan faces serious problems because the country still lacks a legitimate government representing all sectors of society," he stressed.

According to Gailani, "Afghans will recognize the Taliban as rulers when all tribes are included in the government, which will open the door to reaching out to the rest of the world."

As noted by political scientist Khalil Ahmad Nadeem, after the Taliban came to power last August, there were calls for a Loya Jirga, the All-Afghan Council of Elders, which traditionally meets in times of crisis to address national issues. However, it was opposed by the Taliban themselves.

"If the planned meeting in Kabul is reduced to the presence of Taliban-affiliated theologians, obviously its effect will be minimal," Nadeem said.

Protests against the burqa

On May 7, Mullah Hibatullah Akhundzada, the supreme leader of the Taliban (banned in the Russian Federation), announced that the burqa would be made compulsory for women on the street and in public places. The order of the leader of the ruling Taliban in Afghanistan was presented to the media in Kabul. It emphasized that the burqa is "the traditional garment of Muslim women and commands respect for them". According to the decree, women must cover their faces "in front of any man who is not a family member".

On Tuesday, members of the human rights movement Women's Commissioners of Afghanistan held a protest in Kabul's Shahri Naw district to denounce the Taliban's decree making the burqa mandatory for women. The Afghan women wore open-faced hijab headscarves and chanted a slogan demanding respect for women's democratic rights and the restoration of the previous constitution. Not more than 30 people participated in the action.



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