Moskino films festival opened at Expo 2020 in Dubai

30 November 2021

Moskino films festival opened at the international Expo 2020 exhibition in Dubai. The opening film was "Salyut-7", Natalia Mokritskaya, Director-General of Moskino film network, told TASS.

Earlier it was announced that Moskino film network will hold the festival in Dubai from November 29 to December 2. Demonstrations will take place in one of the largest cinemas in the Middle East Vox Cinema Mall Of The Emirates. The pictures will be presented by a delegation of Russian filmmakers, which is headed by the Director-General of Moskino Natalia Mokritskaya.

"Today we opened our festival. There was a hall full of spectators. Moreover, not all those who wanted to go to the film "Salute-7" were able to come," said Mokritskaya.

She added that registration for the other festival screenings ended a week before the opening ceremony.

"For this film festival truly Russian cinema hits of recent years were selected. We tried to choose films with a real story behind them, a story of success or overcoming. We wanted to show pictures of our outstanding compatriots, whom one wants to identify with", added Mokritskaya.

According to her, the Moscow delegation also visited the Expo 2020 exhibition itself today. "Brilliant work was done by Russian designers and creators. Our pavilion is the best. The queue to enter it does not decrease," she specified.

About the festival and the cinema network

The audience will see pictures of different genres - historical, military, adventure, sports, melodramas, dramas, comedies, including "T-34" (directed by Alexey Sidorov), "Salyut-7" (directed by Klim Shipenko), "Icebreaker" (directed by Nikolay Khomeriki), "Poddubny" (directed by Gleb Orlov), "Legend #17" (directed by Nikolay Lebedev), "Battle for Sevastopol" (directed by Sergei Mokritsky), "Ghost" (directed by Alexander Voytinsky).

According to the organizers, this festival can become a new important stage in the development of cultural exchange between Moscow and Dubai.

Moskino is an institution within the Department of Culture of Moscow that manages a network of city cinemas. Every year it organizes hundreds of retrospectives, festivals of auteur cinema, film clubs, premieres and meetings with directors. It is also in charge of the city-wide Cinema Night event. The chain has 13 cinemas, including Moskino Cosmos, Moskino Salute, Moskino Zvezda, Moskino Fakel, Moskino Yunost and Moskino Museon. The Moskino cinematheque has about nine thousand film copies of Soviet classics.



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Photo: Moskino Press Service

Based on materials from TASS