Russian Foreign Ministry commented on Sarraj's refusal to leave the post of the head of the GNA of Libya

05 November 2020


Russia considers it reasonable and logical decision of Fayez Sarraj to recall his resignation from the post of head of the GNA of Libya, so as not to create a vacuum of power in the country,  Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said RIA Novosti.

Earlier, Sarraj announced the recall of his resignation "in order not to create a political vacuum". According to Al-Arabiya TV channel, Sarraj refused to resign from his post after meetings with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan and head of Turkish intelligence Hakan Fidan.

"He was asked by many Libyans and even foreign representatives not to create a power vacuum. He said from the very beginning that he wanted to resign till the end of October with understanding that there would be no vacuum, which is logical and reasonable," Bogdanov said.

He reminded that in foreseeable future a forum of Libyan national dialogue was planned to be held in Tunisia, "where the issues of political reorganization, creation of some governing bodies for a certain period of time up to one and a half years will be discussed in order to hold elections later".

"If now some power bodies are being created in Tunisia, then it will be clear to whom, to which body to transfer power, bearing in mind that Sarraj holds two posts - the head of the Presidential Council and the chairman of the GNA," Bogdanov added.

Earlier, Sarraj was asked to postpone his resignation until a new Presidential Council was elected by Khaled Mishri, the chairman of the Supreme State Council of Libya in Tripoli, and the House of Representatives in Tripoli. German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas also made the same appeal to the chairman of the GNA.

Head of the GNA and President Council of Libya Sarraj in September stated his intention to transfer his powers to the body of executive power till the end of October. Announcing his planned resignation in October, he explained that he expected completion of the work of the negotiation committee and formation of the new President's council of Libya by this date. Sarraj has been the head of Libya's GNA since March 31, 2016.

In Libya, the confrontation between the Government of National Accord of Sarraj, which controls Tripoli and the territory in the west of the country, and the Libyan National Army under the command of Marshal Khalifa Haftar, which cooperates with the parliament in the east, continues. The GNA is supported by Turkey and Qatar, and the LNA by Egypt and the UAE. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the goal of efforts in Libya should be to restore the country's sovereignty and statehood.


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Photo: Donat Sorokin / TASS