Shaimiev: Yevgeny Primakov was a great politician, scientist and statesman

01 November 2019

Former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Russia, famous Soviet and Russian diplomat and orientalist Yevgeny Primakov was the greatest politician, the first President of Tatarstan,  State Councilor Mintimer Shaimiev  said in an interview for the "MIR" TV channel.

"He was the greatest politician, scientist, statesman. He proved it with his whole life. Wherever Yevgeny Maksimovich worked, he always remained true to himself, " Shaimiev stressed, adding that he considers Primakov his teacher.

"When I received the last book of his memoirs, I prepared a letter of thanks and wrote: "Your adult student Mintimer," the RT State Councilor recalls.

October 29 would have been Yevgeny Primakov's 90th anniversary. In honor of this date, Russian President Vladimir Putin unveiled a monument to the diplomat in front of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow.


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Photo: МИД РФ