Somalia Recalls Ambassador from Ethiopia Amid Diplomatic Tensions

05 April

Somalia has recalled its ambassador from Ethiopia for consultations, as reported by the Somali news agency SONNA.


This move comes after Somali authorities expelled the Ethiopian ambassador and shut down consulates in the semi-autonomous regions of Puntland and Somaliland. The expulsion was prompted by a memorandum regarding the lease of a port, which bypassed Addis Ababa.


The agreement, reached on January 1 of this year, permits landlocked Ethiopia to lease 20 kilometers of Somaliland's coastline along the Indian Ocean. The Federal Government of Somalia has denounced these payments as illegal and a violation of national sovereignty.


While Somaliland is recognized by the international community as part of Somalia, the authorities of the Republic of Somaliland unilaterally declared state sovereignty in the spring of 1991.



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Photo: Public Domain

Based on materials from TASS