The Russian Muslim community expressed its condolences in connection with the attack in Nice

30 October 2020


Representatives of centralized religious organizations of Russian Muslims expressed their condolences on the terrorist attack in the Church of Notre Dame in French Nice.

"This is a great tragedy for everyone. No one has the right to lynch, God did not give anyone this right. And there is no excuse for him, no matter what views a person has, only ignoramuses and criminals can do it," Mufti Albir Krganov, chairman of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia, told TASS.

Krganov added that both the media and politicians must take a responsible approach to every word, expressing their views on religious issues. "It seems to me that representatives of religions in France, respected people in society, today could publicly address citizens to explain this situation. The mass media would support, would show to people - after all, at these moments it is important that people don't switch to emotions, it is necessary to evaluate and take steps to prevent such things from happening with maximum restraint. <...> If we don't do this, then emotions, some tough claims and statements against each other are an indulgence to those extremists and terrorists who were waiting for this and to those people who planned it," he said.

According to the mufti, the clergy always emphasize the need for restraint and deliberation in their actions. "Of course, we address in our sermons and we always say about it that a believer should not behave aggressively, aggressively react - we must show restraint, reasonableness. Yes, we need to express our opinion, but there are legal measures, opportunities and appropriate platforms for this," the head of the organization is convinced.

First Deputy Chairman of the Religious Board of Muslims (DUM) of Russia Damir Mukhetdinov also expressed his condolences in connection with the incident. "I would like to start with the words of condolence, because we have repeatedly stressed that the noble Quran, Islamic religion, Sharia law categorically prohibits the shedding of blood, killing a person for their views, for their inadequate response, even if it was considered by some representatives to be very inadequate. This is a right of God, and a right directly under the laws of the country. <...> We are sorry for the grief of all those people who have suffered their losses these days," he told TASS Thursday.


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Photo: Zuma \ TASS