TIDA and RII launch email-course "Financial Literacy According to Islam 3.0"

26 January


The Tatarstan Investment Development Agency and the Russian Islamic Institute are launching an updated e-mail-course "Financial literacy according to Islam 3.0," which will begin on February 5.


The program of the course includes the basics of personal financial planning, the differences between traditional finance and partnership finance, the secrets of good financial management and investment in accordance with Islamic business ethics, the actual financial instruments allowed in the Islamic business ethics, mechanisms to attract investment in the Halal business, contractual nuances in accordance with Russian law and the canons of Shariah, etc.


In addition, there are planned live broadcasts with experts, where you can get updated information on available financial products, recommendations on literature and content to view, as well as a selection of brokers and applications and contract templates in accordance with Russian law and the canons of Shariah.


"Many people wish to increase their financial well-being without losing their spirituality. Regularly in communications with foreign partners, as well as during presentations and events, we use the term "Islamic finance". Having faced with misunderstanding from the population, we decided to explain the basic principles of Islamic economics in simple language, and thus increase the level of financial literacy of our audience," Talia Minullina, the head of the Investment Development Agency, commented.


Rector of the Russian Islamic Institute Rafiq Mukhametshin noted, in turn, that the prescriptions of Islamic business ethics are universal and, with proper understanding and legal support, are applicable at all levels of economic relations, including in Russia. The course will enable the students to make significant progress in understanding the basics of Islamic finance and investing, as well as drafting contracts for daily business operations in accordance with Islamic values.


The training is provided free of charge. An advanced version of the course is available in a paid option that includes review and feedback on homework assignments, extended homework deadlines, a certificate of completion for those who complete all homework assignments, and a telegram chat for questions.


Registration for the email course is available until February 5 here.


GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Photo: Spiritual Administration of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan