Experts stated that Russian vaccines are halal and tested

09 April

Muslims should be vaccinated against coronavirus, Russian vaccines are proven and do not contradict the requirements of Islam, says the resolution of the international scientific and practical conference "Religious boards of Muslims of Russia in the pandemic: new approaches in social service", which was held on Thursday in Sevastopol.


"We, the participants of the international scientific and practical conference, <...> urge the religious boards of Muslims of the Russian Federation: to unite in activities aimed at improving the situation related to COVID-19, including actively vaccinating with domestic vaccines recognized by Russian ulema as "halal" and demonstrated their effectiveness," the document says.

The participants also agreed to continue the volunteer activities and targeted support to those in need during the pandemic, and to conduct educational work that will be aimed at combating the coronavirus. It is planned to strengthen the work on the creation and replication of information and educational resources, including in the online format, "aimed at creative spiritual and moral education and strengthening the all-Russian civil identity of young people".

Particular mention is made of the work done by the Taurida Muftiyat to conduct religious and educational activities in the context of the pandemic. The activities of the Foundation for the Support of Islamic Culture, Science and Education, which helped regional religious boards adapt their work to the new conditions, are also noted.


"The pandemic makes its adjustments and is a test for us Muslims - of course, it is God-given, we accept the test, we are humbled before it. It is inconceivable that the clergy would withdraw from the solution of problems in this difficult period. And of course, I am sure that throughout Russia imams and all the clergy worked tirelessly and without dividing people into Muslims and non-Muslims, served the society", addressed the audience Mufti of Crimea Emirali Ablaev.



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Based on materials from TASS