The US announced a further reduction of the military contingent in Afghanistan

11 August 2020

The United States has informed its allies of a further reduction in the number of American troops in Afghanistan as part of the NATO peacekeeping mission Resolute Support to less than 5,000 people, the dpa news agency reported, citing a statement from the German Defense Ministry and Foreign Ministry sent to the Bundestag.

We are talking about "reducing American units in Afghanistan until November 2020 to just under 5,000 people," the Agency quoted the document as saying. This information was transmitted by the US administration through unofficial channels to NATO allies in June. Until mid-June, the US reduced the number of troops in Afghanistan to 8,600 people, the agency reports, citing the Defense Ministry.


"The critical capabilities of the United States are still at the disposal of (participants in the peacekeeping mission-ed.)," the document says, quoted by dpa. From the point of view of the German government, the Bundeswehr contingent stationed in the North of Afghanistan will be able to continue its mission without significant restrictions.

"The German government believes that further reductions in military units should depend on meaningful progress in the peace process," the document adds.

To move forward in the peace process, the radical Taliban movement must reduce "the level of violence, stand up to international terrorism and start peace talks with the Afghan government".


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Photo: Chris Aram / Pixabay

Based on materials from RIA Novosti