Russia and Bangladesh Discuss Establishment of Russian Scientific and Cultural Center at Dhaka University

20 February

Russia and Bangladesh are discussing the establishment of a Russian center for cultural, scientific, and youth exchanges at Dhaka University, along with the expansion of Russian language teaching programs in the country, Pavel Shevtsov, the Deputy Head of Rossotrudnichestvo, currently visiting Bangladesh, told TASS.


During his visit, Shevtsov held discussions with Maksud Kamal, the Rector of Dhaka University. "We discussed the possibility of establishing a Russian center or Rossotrudnichestvo center at Dhaka University, where we could jointly organize various humanitarian events, including educational and cultural activities, as well as initiate projects aimed at fostering youth cooperation," Shevtsov stated.


He also mentioned that a large delegation from Bangladesh is scheduled to attend the World Youth Festival in March. "We are keen on continuing our collaboration with them and implementing various projects upon their return from Sochi. Dhaka University could serve as an excellent platform for this endeavor. The university administration received this proposal with great enthusiasm," Shevtsov added.


Additionally, Shevtsov noted that their Bangladeshi partners expressed significant interest in enhancing Russian language programs at Dhaka University. "They are eager to host Russian teachers in the country. Discussions revolved around establishing either a Russian language department or a dedicated center where educators from the Russian Federation could teach Russian in a comprehensive manner. This matter was thoroughly deliberated," stated the Rossotrudnichestvo representative.


The third aspect of collaboration entails Dhaka University's partnership with leading Russian higher education institutions across various fields. "This includes joint degree programs, student exchanges, and scientific initiatives," added Shevtsov.



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Based on materials from TASS