Burkina Faso Aims to Bolster Security Relations with Russia

05 June

Burkina Faso intends to strengthen its ties with Russia, particularly in the realm of security. This was announced by Burkinabe Foreign Minister Karamoko Jean-Marie Traoré during a press conference following discussions with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov.


"We have reviewed some priorities and naturally decided to enhance Russia-Burkina Faso relations further to imbue them with a new vitality... We are fostering cooperation across various domains, primarily in the security sector," he stated, emphasizing the importance of intensifying the partnership with the Russian Federation. According to Traore, significant strides have been made by both countries in this arena.


He also highlighted progress in trade, economic relations, and the need to diversify trade relations between Burkina Faso and Russia. Additionally, Traore mentioned advancements in agricultural and logistical cooperation between the two nations.


Lavrov arrived in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, on the evening of June 4, marking his inaugural visit to the country. He was received at the airport by Traoré, with brief discussions taking place there. Subsequently, the two sides continued their dialogue in an extended format at a hotel in the capital.



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Photo: Rita Willaert/Creative Commons 2.0

Based on materials from TASS