China ready to stand together with Russia to guard world order - Xi Jinping

20 March 2023

China, together with Russia, is resolutely ready to uphold a UN-centered international system in today's turbulent world and stand for a world order based on international law, Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Monday upon his arrival in Moscow.

"In a world far from being peaceful, China is ready to stand resolutely with Russia to uphold a UN-centered international system, stand guard of a world order based on international law and fundamental norms of international relations based on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, adhere to true multilateralism, promote multipolarity in the world and democratize international relations and promote global governance in a fairer and more rational direction," Xi Jinping said.

Beijing and Moscow are good neighbors and reliable partners, Xi Jinping said.

"I am very pleased to come again to the land of our close neighbor on a state visit at the invitation of President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. On behalf of the Chinese government and people, I express my sincere greetings and best wishes to the Russian government and people," he said. - "China and Russia are good neighbors and reliable partners bound by mountains and rivers."

Xi Jinping drew attention to the fact that 10 years ago, during his first visit to Russia as China's president, he and Putin opened a new page in the comprehensive development of China-Russia relations. "During these 10 years, bilateral ties have been strengthened and developed on the basis of non-alignment, non-confrontation and non-targeting against third parties, creating a new pattern of interstate relations in the spirit of mutual respect, peaceful coexistence and mutually beneficial cooperation," he stressed.

Contribution for the world

The Chinese president noted that political mutual trust between the two countries is constantly deepening, practical cooperation is expanding, and close and effective cooperation is being conducted in the international arena.

"Friendship is forever deeply rooted in the hearts of people. The development of China-Russia relations not only brings tangible benefits to the peoples of the two countries, but also makes a significant contribution to the progress of the world as a whole," Xi Jinping stressed.

New impetus

Xi Jinping expects that his visit to Russia will give a new impetus to the development of Russia-China relations and strategic cooperation.

"I am confident that the visit will be fruitful and will give a new impetus to the healthy and stable development of China-Russia relations of comprehensive partnership and strategic interaction in the new era," the Chinese president stressed.

The Chinese leader said he expects to discuss bilateral and international issues with Putin and outline a plan for strategic interaction.

"During the visit, I expect to exchange views in detail with President Vladimir Putin on bilateral relations and important regional and international topics of mutual interest, and outline a plan for developing strategic cooperation and practical interaction," Xi Jinping said.



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Photo: official website of the President of the Russian Federation

Based on materials from TASS