Libyan Foreign Minister: Russia and Islamic Countries Can Create a Just Multipolar World

15 May

Abdulhadi al-Hawij, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of  Libyan government based in the east of the country, emphasized that cooperation between Russia and Muslim nations can pave the way for a fair and just multipolar world. Speaking at the opening of the "Russia - Islamic World: KazanForum," he expressed his vision for a new world order based on mutual respect and cooperation.


"The partnership between Russia and Islamic countries represents a new format of relations aimed at creating a new strong world order, different from those that have existed so far and have ignored the interests of small countries, including Libya. We are building a new world where the collective will of the peoples will be embodied and economic, trade, and industrial cooperation will develop fruitfully. And this will be the world of tomorrow, the world of the future," stated al-Hawij.


He expressed confidence that Russia and Muslim countries can form a powerful political alliance to challenge the existing world order based on exploitation. Al-Hawij praised the KazanForum as a demonstration of Russia's commitment to developing relations with the Islamic world, highlighting its focus on mutual respect, common interests, and coexistence for a bright future.


"The current forum is an important and unique milestone in the development of cooperation in the interests of Islamic countries and Russia," remarked the minister. He emphasized the significance of the forum in combating negative stereotypes about Islam and Muslims, stating, "The importance of the current forum is that it contributes to breaking the negative stereotype about Islam and Muslims in general."


Al-Hawij also stressed the joint efforts of Islamic nations in combating terrorism and extremism. "We believe that terrorism is not represented by a single country, religion, or nationality. It is an international phenomenon, and we have a responsibility to fight against these negative phenomena," he added, underlining the need for international cooperation to address these challenges.



GSV "Russia - Islamic World"

Photo: aboodi vesakaran/Unsplash

Based on materials from TASS