Media: G20 summit declaration approved

16 November 2022

The G20 leaders' declaration following the Bali summit has been approved. It was reported by Reuters on Wednesday, citing sources.

There has been no official information on this matter from the organizers. A draft document available to TASS the day before contained 50 points, but it is not known if any changes have been made to it.

In particular, most G20 countries, as noted in the draft document, "strongly condemn the war in Ukraine," but among them there are also "other views on this situation." In addition, they pointed out that the conflict in Ukraine "has exacerbated existing problems of the world economy."

Another paragraph stated that "the current period should not become a period of war." In addition, the document noted that "the use or threat to use nuclear weapons is unacceptable."

Also, the draft document praises and emphasizes the importance of the grain deal. It notes "the need for comprehensive, timely and consistent implementation" of this agreement, which expires on November 19 and is automatically extended for 120 days if none of the parties (Russia, Ukraine, UN, Turkey) objects.

The main part of the draft communiqué is devoted to the problems discussed at the current summit: food and energy security, digital transformation and health.



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Photo: Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed's Twitter account

Based on materials from TASS