Nebenzia said that reports of "Russian mercenaries" in Libya were ordered

21 September 2020

Information in the reports of experts of the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee on Libya about the alleged "mercenaries" operating in this country from Russia is based on unverified falsified data, designed to discredit the Russian Federation and is an obvious order, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzia said RIA Novosti.

Earlier, the Western media repeatedly published articles about confidential reports of a group of experts, which claimed that employees of the Wagner PMC, as well as some other companies, are present in Libya and support the forces of Khalifa Haftar.

"As for the accusations about the alleged "destructive role of Russia" in the Libyan settlement, we have repeatedly commented on this topic. Our Western colleagues mainly refer to the information of the group of experts of the 1970 Security Council Committee on Libya. It is noteworthy that the reports of the group of experts, which speak about our country, despite their closed nature, are constantly leaked to the press, " Nebenzia said.
"We have seen this information and can say with confidence that most of it is based on unverified or falsified data and is aimed at discrediting Russia's policy in the Libyan direction. This is an obvious order, " he stressed.
According to him, Moscow has no doubts about the Western origin of some unnamed sources referred to by experts. "These are the same Western countries that destroyed the Libyan state in 2011 and provoked the ongoing crisis," Nebenzia said.
A number of Western partners of Russia, including the USA, Germany, UK regularly accused Russia that in Libya, they said, there are employees of PMCs "Wagner".

In Libya, the confrontation continues between the Government of National Accord of Fayez Sarraj, which controls Tripoli and territories in the West of the country, and the Libyan National Army under the command of Marshal Khalifa Haftar, which cooperates with the Parliament sitting in the East. The GNA is supported by Turkey and Qatar, while the LNA is supported by Egypt and the UAE. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the goal of efforts in Libya should be to restore the country's sovereignty and statehood.


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Photo: Zuma\TASS