Putin says RT is trusted by tens of millions of people around the world

10 December 2020


Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the staff of the international TV channel RT on the 15th anniversary of its broadcasting, noting that tens of millions of people around the world trust the voice of the channel, the relevant telegram was published on the Kremlin website.

Putin noted that 15 years ago it was hard to imagine how much RT would change the information agenda.

"Today you are watched and read daily by tens of millions of people in many countries around the world. It is a voice that is trusted and respected. And, let's face it, it's also the voice - the voice of truth that some people are afraid of and would like to silence," the president said.

According to Putin, the channel's success is due to its adherence to the laws of honest, professional, and free journalism which "is historically characterized by an aversion to any information monopoly, censorship, or a desire to appropriate the right of ultimate truth".

Putin stressed that RT was not afraid to ask uncomfortable questions, provided a platform for discussion, different points of view, and gave a multinational audience the most relevant facts.

"I am sure that thanks to the highly professional, high-quality work of journalists, editors and cameramen, your voice will continue to be heard on all the continents of the earth," Putin said.

RT marks its 15th anniversary today and has since become one of the most popular international news channels in the world with a weekly audience of 100 million people.


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Photo: official website of the President of the Russian Federation

Based on materials from RIA Novosti