Russian MFA: multipolarity is a reality today

27 October 2022

Today, multipolarity determines the lives of billions of people and political and economic processes, it is a reality, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko said on Thursday at the 15th Verona Eurasian Economic Forum.

"Multipolarity is not something that is born in the heads of experts and political scientists, it is something that is knocking on doors and determines the content of real life today, the lives of millions and billions of people, something that determines the content of politics, economic and other processes, and it is reality," he said.

"The contours of the multipolar world are already visible: the interaction within such unions as the SCO, BRICS, OPEC+, ASEAN+ are strengthening and developing, the Greater Eurasia project is spreading wings. And their advantage is not only the philosophy of relations between members of these organizations, another distinguishing feature of them is that they are not directed against others, and this non-directionality, of course, opens up great opportunities for joining efforts," Grushko noted.

The Verona Eurasian Economic Forum is held in the capital of Azerbaijan on October 27-28. The global theme of the forum is "Eurasia on its path to a new geopolitical, social, and economic order: transition to a new, human-centered economy." 

Addressing global challenges

The Russian side is aware of its responsibility for the solution of many global problems and is ready to contribute to the relevant processes and is open for equal cooperation to achieve the goals, said Grushko.

According to the deputy minister, today there is a fragmentation of international relations, but the globalization of processes "continues to be a reality in terms of common challenges and tasks."

"Pandemics, climate change, green transition, population growth, food security, water management, artificial intelligence, strategic stability - all these problems and challenges will not disappear and objectively require the development of algorithms to combine efforts on a truly collective basis. And these efforts should indeed be made by all major players. Russia which bears special responsibility for the solution of these many problems <...> is ready to make its contribution," Grushko said.

He stressed that Moscow is open for honest and equal cooperation with all countries.



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Photo: Akishin Vyacheslav/Creative Commons 2.0

Based on materials from TASS