South Africa Says Africa is Focused on Russia that Helps Liberate the Continent

03 June

African countries are oriented towards Russia, seeing it as a great country that helps in the liberation of the continent. This was stated by Nkosi Mandela, grandson of the first President of South Africa Nelson Mandela, a member of the National Assembly of the Republic.


"Russia has always extended a helping hand and support to all countries on the African continent to develop and create opportunities for our peoples," -  he told a press conference. - "We always look at Russia, even after 30 years of democratic regime in our country, still we see Russia as one of the great countries that supports our cause."


Russia, Mandela said, is "a wonderful economic partner of South Africa that supports the economy and ensures favorable trade, relations between the countries."


As he emphasized, Russia has never brought "sorrow and suffering to the African continent."


"All Russia has done is to support us, to help us free ourselves from oppression so that we win our independence," - he noted. - "South Africa, after 350 years of colonialism and a brutal apartheid regime, was able, with the support of the international community, particularly Russia, to understand and realize the hope for freedom."


The grandson of South Africa's first president also noted the important role of the Russian Orthodox Church in the education and development of African countries. "I welcome the work that the Russian Orthodox Church is doing on the African continent," Mandela concluded.



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Based on materials from TASS